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State Of the Art Dornier Compact Delta Lithotripter

An ESWL procedure uses a Lithotripter which is a very specialised piece of medical equipment and incorporates a digital fluoroscopy x-ray unit, ultrasound, and shockwave generating machine all built in to one mobile unit.

The Lithotripsy equipment used at Eastcoast Mobile Urology is the State Of The Art Dornier Compact Delta 2 model which encompasses the Lithotripter, a computerised Urology Information Management System and a Dornier Relax treatment table which enables us to provide a comprehensive urological service to our hospitals.

The Lithotripter has four main components a shockwave generator, a focusing device, a coupling medium and finally the stone localisation system. The shockwave is generated using an electromagnetic coil and an electromagnetic shockwave emitter (EMSE), the shockwave is then refocused through an acoustic lens to provide a focus area that enables the kidney stone to be effectively targeted.

East Coast Mobile Urology Equipment
East Coast Mobile Urology Company Vehicle

Company Setup – Mobile ESWL

We transport our equipment between hospitals safely & efficiently

Eastcoast Mobile Urology (EMU) was established in Brisbane in 2009 and has been successfully treating kidney stones for more than a decade.

EMU provides a comprehensive mobile lithotripsy service to 26 private and public hospitals across South East Queensland. We cover hospitals in Hervey Bay, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Springfield, Caboolture, the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane metropolitan and Greater Brisbane areas.

We run a specially equipped Iveco van that allows us to transport our State Of the Art Dornier Compact Delta Lithotripter equipment between hospitals safely and efficiently.

Our mobile ESWL service includes provision of lithotripsy equipment, a digital fluoroscopy imaging system and ultrasound which enables us to visualise both radiopaque and radiolucent stones. We also provide an experienced lithotripsy radiographer with the expertise and technical support to undertake the procedure in a professional, safe and timely manner.

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